Music Nights at London’s Sky Garden

Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at Sky Garden are a must-see attraction in London now that our legendary music nights are a weekly fixture. There are few things we like better than cocktails, dancing and world class live music to celebrate the weekend.

Sky Garden’s Sky Pod rooftop bar on the 35th floor makes the perfect setting to see London’s most talented artists perform. Hand-picked by ALR Music to play at London’s most exclusive events, here are a few of rhubarb’s favourites - guaranteed to get everyone onto the dance floor:

Music night favourites Three and a half men groove in the greenery at Sky Pod rooftop bar

Three and a Half Men

Just when you think they’re out of signature twists, these super-talented Paul McCartney Institute graduates (pictured above) pull another one out of the bag. Four-part harmonies, bonkers mashups and a charming performance style make every song a hit, from The Tracks of my Tears, to Teenage Dirtbag

The Jukes Joints

We love a bit of vintage cool and these seasoned rat-packers have it in spades. There’s nothing quite like a sharp suit and bow tie, offset by the stunning starry backdrop of London at night.

The Juke Joints will have you on your feet with their catchy twists on classic pop and R&B songs, along with all the fifties era favourites. Expect them to join you on the dancefloor too - this is without doubt one of the most sociable live acts we’ve come across.

J & the Rest

J and the Rest bring their smooth sound to Sky Garden

A smooth supper-club band of four, with stripped back acoustics that let the mellow vocals do the talking (and singing). J and the Rest (pictured above) will serenade you as you unwind with a well deserved cocktail.

This London rooftop club is open until 2am and when the live music ends the DJ begins playing a mixture of house, hip hop, funk, disco and garage - the ultimate soundtrack to your night out.

Join rhubarb for an evening of spectacular music, DJs and partying at Sky Garden - one of the most unmissable attractions in London.

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